Citra Nusa Mutiara

We are an outsourcing and consultancy company founded in Medan, Indonesia in 2006. We present to improve your business service quality and are committed to provide specialists and technical experts who are reliable, have expertise, potential, and ethics that are tailored to our client needs. We excel in labor regulation in Indonesia, human resources, and manpower management.
Since we were established, we have supported several businesses and organizations such as, hotels, hospital, banking, residential housing, governmental office, production factory and manufacturing. Our operational offices are located in more than 5 provinces across Indonesia and always ready to be your business partner in all business industries.
We have and always been dedicated to We Serve Better, which is our motto for many years. We always commit to serve and deliver the best services and solutions to our clients in accordance with our principle SPIRIT for a better future value.
Facing current changes and challenges today, our principle SPIRIT for a better future embodies our commitment to positive transformation.

Become a business partner for our clients by prioritizing service quality, integrity, and professionalism in work.


Providing workers with high integrity and skills in their fields.

Continuously educate and train the workforce to maintain quality and professionalism.

Creating a workforce who is reliable in handling problems and providing the best service.

Building good communication relationships with service users and/or clients.

Company Profile